Hagerty classic cars magazine | Winter 2014 online issue

A Word from McKeel

Room For Friends

The winter letter is always the hardest to write and comes with a twinge of envy for our friends who have a year-round driving season. The memory of last year’s brutal winter in northern Michigan is still too fresh, and most of us didn’t even have our cars back on the road until well into May. That said, we hope this issue provides some comfort for gearheads in less hospitable climes.

Four-door sedans never seem to get the love they deserve. They’re eminently practical, and in the case of the cars we’ve profiled here, they’re just as cool as coupes and convertibles of the day. Read More

  • FD1 Main Image

    The Fabulous 4 Doors

  • Autorama

    Auto Eye Candy

  • NC3 Main Image

    All that Glitters is probably Fiberglass

  • CV1 Main Image

    Thinking inside the box

  • IB1 Main Image

    Voyage Of The Ice Virgin

  • McKeelFriends1

    Room for Friends - Letter From the Publisher

  • Carini Buyers Main Image

    Buyer's Remorse

  • touchup Main Image

    The Right Touch

  • Denise in Helmet Main Image

    Hued Helmets

  • IMG_7945-Edit

    Schooled on the Avanti

  • GrumpysToyXI_02_1000 Main Image

    Grumpy's Toy X

  • Seminar-18 Main Image

    Preserve or Restore?

  • amato a Main Image

    Rare Bird

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    Contributors to the 2014 Winter Issue