Hagerty Market Rating - April 2017

The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the North American collector car market. How it's calculated.

66.50 as of April 2017*

Drivers of this month's change

<p><ul><li>After the first increase of the year in March, the <strong>Hagerty Market Rating fell 0.33 points to 66.65 for April.</strong></li><li><strong>Auction activity continues to increase. It was the only section this month with upward movement and is the highest it's been since December 2015. This is driven by growth in the number of cars selling at auction</strong>, which has increased 8% over the past year. <strong>Private sales activity experienced another big drop, meanwhile, and is at its lowest since June 2014.</strong> Average sale price on the private market is down 5% over the last 12 months.</li><li><strong>The number of owners expressing the belief that the values of their vehicles are rising continues to fall.</strong> The number is at its lowest since November 2013 for owners of mainstream vehicles and at its lowest since May 2012 for owners of high-end vehicles.</li><li>Expert sentiment dropped for the first time since November. <strong>Market observers have cited that many cars with prior auction results have been changing hands for less money than in the past.</strong></li><li>March's reported rating was revised from 67.03 to 66.98 due to newly released inflation numbers.</li></ul></p>

*The Hagerty Market Rating is updated on the 15th of each month or the prior business day.