Hagerty Market Rating - August 2015

The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the North American collector car market. How it's calculated.

71.66 as of August 2015*

Drivers of this month's change

<p><ul> <li>After stabilizing last month, <strong>the Hagerty Market Rating is down more than a quarter of a point to 71.23 (from 71.50 in July).</strong></li> <li>After dropping for the first time in 12 months last month, <strong>private sales activity is essentially flat</strong> for August. <ul> <li>Private sales activity has increased 12 points over the last year, but is actually down half a point over the last three months.</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Auction activity is down for the third straight month and is the lowest it has been since August of 2013.</strong> This is mainly attributed to fewer cars being offered at auction. <ul> <li>Specifically, <a href="https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=81712" target="_blank">C2 (1963-67) Corvettes</a> and <a href="https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=73505" target="_blank">1967-72 Chevrolet C10 pickups</a> have seen the biggest drops in terms of number sold at auction with decreases of 17% and 49%, respectively.</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Correlated instruments jumped three points</strong> from last month due to a decrease in gold prices and an increase in the S&amp;P 500.</li> <li><strong>Broad market insured values continue to rise,</strong> but August saw the smallest increase of the last six months.</li> <li>After dropping last month, <strong>high-end insured values have jumped 2.3 points to set an all-time high.</strong> <ul> <li>25% of these value increases are coming from Porsches and Ferraris.</li> <li>The <a href="https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=73862" target="_blank">930 Turbo</a> and <a href="https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=27202" target="_blank">964 Turbo</a> are the most common Porsches, while the <a href="https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=111482" target="_blank">330 GTC</a> is the most common Ferrari as far as what clients in this category are raising values on.</li> </ul> </li> <li>July’s reported rating was revised down to 71.50 from 71.59 due to newly released inflation numbers.</li></ul></P>

*The Hagerty Market Rating is updated on the 15th of each month or the prior business day.