Hagerty Market Rating - March 2021

The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the North American collector car market. How it's calculated.

60.80 as of March 2021*

Drivers of this month's change

<p><ul><li>After four consecutive increases in 2021, the Hagerty Market Rating dropped in February. <strong>It dropped again for March, but the decrease was very small and the overall rating is about where it was last November</strong>.</li><li>The pandemic continues to affect live event schedules worldwide, but the number of cars sold is nevertheless up from last month. That said, the <strong>number of cars sold at auction is still less than in normal years, the median sale price at auction is down, and overall auction activity is at its lowest since last August</strong>.</li><li>Activity on the private market, meanwhile, is down to slightly above where it was in November.</li><li><strong>Optimism from market experts rose again this month and is at its highest level since 2015, while external market forces (like the stock market and home prices) also grew</strong>, but neither were enough to offset the slow month on the auction and private markets.</li><li>One measure in the Hagerty Market Rating is the number of vehicle owners who believe that values are rising. <strong>The number of both mainstream and high-end vehicle owners expressing that belief increased for the fifth consecutive month and are at their highest point in the last 12 months</strong>.</li></ul></p>

*The Hagerty Market Rating is updated on the 15th of each month or the prior business day.