Hagerty Market Rating - November 2021

The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the North American collector car market. How it's calculated.

69.00 as of November 2021*

Drivers of this month's change

<p><ul> <li>The streak continues as the <strong>Hagerty Market Rating increses for the eighth consecutive month</strong> to its highest point in over 5 years.</li> <li>2021 will likely be remembered as one of the strongest years on record for the classic car market. As the buying season comes to a close, optimism among industry experts remains strong while private sales hit their highest point since Spring 2016.</li> <li>The same excitement can be seen at auctions, where the <strong>median sales price is 13-percent higher than this time last year.</strong></li> <li>While there is some debate whether the high prices seen at auction, especially from late model cars, are a result of limited supply in the used market, record levels of inflation, or the strong economy, owners of classic cars have been paying attention. <strong>Insured values for both high-end and broad market classic cars have increased for the thirteenth straight month.</strong>

*The Hagerty Market Rating is updated on the 15th of each month or the prior business day.