21 April 2014

Who and What Qualifies for a Hagerty Policy?

Providing programs for a variety of collector vehicle needs is one of the many things Hagerty takes pride in. Our passion for the collector car hobby matches the passion our clients have for their own vehicles — life truly is better in a classic!

We provide insurance coverage for collector vehicles that are owned for limited pleasure driving, car shows and club events. Collectors are our specialty, and we do not have programs for regular-use vehicles driven on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for the following types of collectors we insure:

  • Antique & Classic Cars
  • Exotic and Special Interest *
  • Fire Trucks
  • Military Vehicles
  • Modern Classics
  • Muscle Cars
  • Replicas
  • Street Rods
  • Antique Tractors**
  • Trucks
  • Vehicles Under Active Restoration

*19 years and newer. In Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia only.
**Antique Tractors: Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick only.

(Click here for our Quick Reference Guide, which includes a description of each genre.)

Does your client qualify for Classic Car Insurance?

We provide agreed value coverage on every vehicle we insure. Because of this, there are certain guidelines that our underwriters need to follow while issuing policies or adding new vehicles:


Our program is made to fit the collector vehicles that are used for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and even occasional pleasure driving.


Collector vehicles should be stored in a private, enclosed, secure structure when not in use. Appropriate storage examples include:

  • private residential garages
  • private building or barns
  • rental storage units

Driver Eligibility

In most provinces, we are unable to offer coverage to drivers with a serious infraction within the last three years. Serious infractions include:

  • alcohol-related offenses
  • reckless driving
  • excessive speed violations

All household driving records are subject to underwriter review. Generally one or two minor violations or accidents are acceptable.

Regular-Use Vehicles

  • All household members with a valid drivers license should have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving.
  • In most cases, motorcycles and public transportation are not considered viable regular use vehicles (contact us for details).
  • Applicants must also maintain regular-use insurance in their own names.

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