15 May 2014


Let’s face it, the topic of insurance can be boring at times, but in the collector car world we aim to make it fun! Since spring has finally sprung, it is now car show season. One of the great ways to have fun and generate new clients is to set up a booth at collector car events, and doing this is much easier than it may seem.

The average Hagerty client is around 56 years old, married and has an excellent driving record with a median income of $125,000 a year. Seventy percent of our clients own $60,000 worth of classics and other collectibles, making it simple to obtain additional business. All of these items add up to solid policy retention from low-risk clients. Not only that, but these folks are passionate about their cars and will want the best coverage possible, which makes for an easy sell.

Whether you are attending an existing show and setting up a booth, or hosting your own smaller show in a casual “cars and coffee” style, here are some pointers for setting up your booth:

  • Keep it simple

  • Be strategic about where you place your booth: Make sure you are visible and in a high traffic area

  • Use a skirted table for a clean appearance

  • Utilize attention-grabbing Hagerty banners

  • Display promotional items on the table, never leaving the table empty

For more attention-grabbers, a dry erase board with a quote teaser can be used, and a dish of candy never hurts!  Everyone loves inexpensive giveaways. Stamp your Hagerty brochures and have plenty ready to be handed out. Don’t be afraid to walk around and invite people to the booth; if you just sit behind a table, potential clients may be afraid to approach.

If you have seen us work our Hagerty booths during events, you will notice we do not even have chairs available— there’s a reason for that! Events are about high energy and having fun.

You have everything set up, but now what? To open up the door to new business opportunities, you must first know the product you are selling. Quick selling points include:

  • Low Premiums

  • Agreed Value  Coverage

  • Low Deductibles

  • Multi-vehicle coverage  discounts

  • Flexible usage

  • Guaranteed Flatbed Towing and Roadside Assistance

  • In the event of a claim, they may choose the repair shop of their choice

  • We offer coverage for vehicles under restoration

  • We work with you to determine a value for your vehicle. Additional appraisal purchase not required in most cases

Please note that brokers do not have binding authority as Hagerty underwrites every policy individually, but there are ways to see if a potential client qualifies. Collector car owners love to talk about their cars, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Good key questions to ask are as follows:

  • What can you tell me about your cars?

  • Are the cars stock or modified?

  • Where do you store your cars?

  • How long have you owned your collector cars?

  • How do you use your cars? (Pleasure drives, car shows, tours, etc.)

  • Do all drivers in your household have a regular use vehicle?

You have had the discussion with your potential client, but how do you know if they qualify for our program? Because we only sell agreed value  policies, our program is designed to insure vehicles that are in very good or excellent condition that are either maintain or increasing in value—with the exception of collector cars that are under restoration. The vehicles should always:

  • Be garaged when not in use

  • Be driven for pleasure, shows or club driving

  • NOT be used for daily or  back-up transportation

  • Hold a minimum value of $3,500

And the client should meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a good driving record (generally one or two minor violations are acceptable)

  • Every licensed driver in the household must have their own regular-use vehicle

  • Have 10 or more years of driving experience

While collecting potential client information, be sure to write it down on a pre-made “lead” form including their basic information such as name, date of birth (for quoting purposes), address and telephone number for a follow-up call after the quote has been generated and sent by Hagerty. Above all else, smile, have fun and enjoy the conversations and the connections you will establish by talking to passionate people about their collectors!

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