13 August 2014

You have heard of Hagerty, but what are we really about?

Hagerty is now one of the world’s largest providers of collector vehicle insurance, with over 550 employees and 1 million and counting insured vehicles throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our passion for the hobby, and our firm belief that our clients deserve the best have kept us innovating every step of the way.

You may have heard our slogan “We may sell insurance, but we live classics,” and this quote rings true on a daily basis within Hagerty. From our hobby involvement and our Hagerty Youth programs, to our wide array of available products and our unbeatable customer service, we are passionately committed to classic cars and their owners every step of the way. And as the company grows globally, through it all we remain a privately-owned, family business that only offers the best.

At Hagerty, our team of classic car owners and enthusiasts are dedicated to continuing the development of specialist insurance, making us the global leader in classic car insurance. Not only are we extremely competitive, but our policy features provide essential benefits when insuring classics. We do not handle any other insurance products such as household or travel insurance; therefore we are able to focus our entire business on the hobby and expertise on classic vehicles while offering the best premium rates for a comprehensive range of classic car insurance products, including:

  • Agreed Value (19A) Collector Auto Insurance: For collectible cars, boats, trucks, jeeps and military vehicles. It’s what we are known for; you and the client determine what the collector vehicle is worth, we agree to insure it for that full amount, and in the event of a total loss we cut a check for that insured amount.
  • Classic Car Transit and Shipping: When shipping a car overseas, Hagerty is the one to call for proper coverage.
  • Vehicles Under Construction: Did you know that Hagerty also covers vehicles that are under restoration, whether in a shop or the client’s own garage?

Additional Products Include:

  • Hagerty Plus Towing: 24-Hour emergency roadside assistance that specializes in classic cars.
  • Classic Car Valuation Tools and Hagerty Price Guide:  Hagerty offers premier collector car value guides — online and in print — with accurate, up-to-date values that cover most popular postwar automobiles, as well as hard-to-find models, with four values for each listing based on the vehicle’s condition.
  • Hagerty Classic Cars Magazine: In each issue, we delve into the topics that surround the hobby — showing, buying, selling, restoring and enjoying classic vehicles — all while offering insight from highly respected figures in the hobby.

Alongside our insurance programs, valuation tools and hobby-related publications, we provide a tremendous amount of support to the hobby; Hagerty attends, sponsors and hosts events, works with classic car clubs, and gets young people involved through our various Youth programs.

As collector car experts, you and your client can count on us for any of your needs. Feedback from our customer satisfaction surveys give great insight as a new client describes his experience; “Excellent service, and unlike several similar companies that insure collector cars, you all seem to be car guys and gals, knowledgeable about the market values, and very friendly conversationalists that seem genuinely interested in my individual situation.”

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