14 August 2014

Trucks: Their popularity is on the rise

Trucks have been gaining popularity as collectors for their uniqueness, history and for being affordable. Hagerty embraces their increasing collectability by offering the same unbeatable agreed value program (19A) that is available for our classic car owners. But exactly which trucks are considered collectable, and what is eligible for Hagerty’s program? That’s what I’m here to discuss.

The trucks that we are able to insure meet the following guidelines:

  • Trucks must be 1985 or older.
  • They must hold a minimum value of $3,500.
  • Modified trucks must be 1989 or older and hold a minimum value of $5,000
  • Trucks cannot be used for camping.
  • Trucks used for hauling or towing are not preferred because it causes excess wear and tear on a vehicle and increases the risk of an accident.

However, there are exceptions:

  • We will consider the newer special interest trucks, such as: Chevrolet El Camino, SS 454 and SSR, Dodge Ram SRT10, Ford Lightning, GMC Caballero, Syclone and Typhoon. When considering one of these vehicles, a regular use truck or utility vehicle in addition to the collector is preferred. 

Stepsides, Fleetsides, Long and short beds, we love them all; if you have a client that also has an appreciation for trucks, give us a call at 1-877-922-9701.

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