9 September 2014

Tractors: A symbol of Canada’s farming history

Tractors aren’t a common collector vehicle, but the enthusiasm and devotion of tractor owners is extraordinary. Since most collectors have a personal connection to the farming industry, their tractors have sentimental value in addition to monetary value, so only they know their true worth. Protect these treasured tractors with the same agreed value (19A) insurance Hagerty offers for classic cars.

Since tractors can be used for utility purposes and are sometimes operated by youthful drivers, it is important to thoroughly discuss their intended use with each owner. Tractors should be retired and no longer used for any type of farming. Here are some simple guidelines:

  • All tractors must be 1980 or older.
  • They must be stock original.
  • They must be in restored or excellent condition.
  • Usage must be consistent with a collectible vehicle – no utility or farm use.
  • All tractors must be stored in a fully enclosed pole building or garage.
  • The minimum value for a single tractor is $3,500.
  • Photos are required before we issue a policy or add a tractor to an existing policy.

If you know someone who loves their tractors, we can relate! Give Hagerty a call at 1-877-922-9701.

**Tractor coverage is only available in the following provinces: Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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