2 of Hagerty’s own.
1 70-year-old truck.
2,500 miles.

Just a year ago this ’46 Ford was just another has-been with a rust problem. Now it’s part of a team competing in the 2016 Great Race.

Meet the team

4 Gearheads. 100 hours.
1 epic build.

The challenge: Rebuild a ’46 Ford pickup from the frame using parts sourced entirely at the 2015 Hershey Swap Meet, then drive it home to Traverse City, MI.

See how it happened

Keep up with us on the
Great Race

Our two teams are driving a rebuilt 1946 Ford and a 1917 Peerless Speedster from San Rafael, CA to Moline, IL.

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4-Day Ford Pickup build time-lapse | Hershey Swap to Street Challenge

At some point over the summer, someone here at Hagerty came up with an idea that would raise the bar for any collector vehicle build challenge: building a 1946 Ford pickup live at the AACA Hershey Fall Meet. The challenge is completed, our pickup is home safe, and we've put together a time-lapse video of the build from start to finish

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