23 10 2001

Affordable Club Liability Coverage Now Available from Hagerty

Traverse City, Mich. (Tuesday, October 23, 2001) - Hagerty Classic Insurance now offers an insurance product to assist local car clubs with affordable liability coverage for their club events. Hagerty's Club and Chapter Liability program unites small to medium sized clubs in a purchasing group in order to achieve broader coverage and lower annual premiums than a single entity could obtain.

The program features coverage for car club members and officers while involved in events such as meetings, cruise nights, fundraisers, car shows, social gatherings, community events, or whenever they are acting on behalf of the club. It features a two million-dollar aggregate limit with zero deductibles, and includes premises liability and the ability to add facility owners as an additional insured.

The costs are rated by the size of the club and the activities they participate in, and comply with local state regulations. Many policies written cost less than .60 per day.

Reach Hagerty toll free at (800) 922-4050 for more information.