01 06 2012

Car Guys Embrace Social Media As Digital Activity Increases

Hagerty Picks the Top 10 Emerging Online Communities for Classic Car Owners


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (June 2012) – As the world embraces social media, the car hobby has also evolved and adapted to this trend. Classic car owners, known for their love of technology and socializing, are embracing the digital revolution and, as a result, how they interact is dramatically changing. 

“Social media and the interaction it provides is the new frontier in the classic car hobby,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty.  “Platforms like Facebook provide an endless selection of content choices, while new sites like Pinterest—which skews heavily towards females—are gaining traction from male audiences, and may soon become a new haven for car guys. We’ve always known that it’s the people and their mutual connection that matter in our hobby and this is a direct outgrowth of that.”

Hagerty, the world’s leader in classic car insurance and an active social media participant, has taken notice of the ever-changing landscape of classic car community and has put together a list of the Top 10 Emerging Online Communities for Classic Car Owners

  • BringaTrailer.com – When people are looking for a vintage car online, they go here first. Rarities and bargains galore. They have an estimated 500,000 monthly visits, and their numbers are growing. http://www.BringATrailer.com
  • YouTube.com/EastwoodCo – If rolling up your sleeves is your thing, Eastwood’s Restoration YouTube channel is a must-subscribe for the DIY crowd. More than 4 million video views speak for themselves. http://www.youtube.com/EastwoodCo
  • Jay Leno’s Garage – This website is a car guy’s dream. From videos and photos to car trivia games, it’s got almost everything a car guy needs. The site’s strong presence on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube also make it a contender. http://www.JayLenosGarage.com
  • @SummitRacing – For classic racing fans on Twitter, @SummitRacing is worth a follow. They actively engage their followers, answer customer questions, Tweet discounts, and even share Instagram photos of their fan’s cars. The amount of thoughtful interaction displayed by Summit Racing puts them near the head of the pack. http://www.Twitter.com/SummitRacing
  • RM Auction’s YouTube Channel – There is no shortage of classic car footage on RM Auction’s video feed. Between the interviews and beautiful car profiles, the classic car enthusiast is sure to find something play-worthy. Their video content is being updated with more frequency, too, making it a channel to keep an eye on. http://www.youtube.com/RMAuctionsInc
  • @HemmingsNews –The Twitter account of this venerable classic car publication does a great job of interacting with fans while also providing interesting content about current happenings in the car guy world. They are gaining new followers by the day, further establishing themselves as an industry expert on the web. http://www.Twitter.com/HemmingsNews
  • Pinterest.com/CarlClassic - With Pinterest being one of the fastest-growing social media sites in the world, ClassicCar.com is developing an active presence in the “Pin Board” community with hundreds of images of beautiful cars. Pinterest is set to be the next big thing, and Carl Classic is on the ground floor. http://pinterest.com/carlclassic/
  • 53Deluxe – To immerse yourself in everything “Hot Rod,” just visit the Facebook site of 53Deluxe, where hot rod culture is explored. Their social media numbers are strong for this niche market, and their content is top-notch. So stop by their site. Pin-ups and rockabilly music included.  http://www.53Deluxe.com
  • Muscle Car Dreaming Tumblr Blog – This image-heavy photo-blog gives the muscle car fanatic in all of us a spot to admire American iron. It is arguably the top classic car Tumblr blog, with great fan interaction via “Likes” and reblogging. http://musclecardreaming.tumblr.com
  • “Classic Car Owners and Enthusiasts” Group on LinkedIn – While mostly considered a business-to-business site, LinkedIn has a great group in “Classic Car Owners and Enthusiasts.” Car guys from around the world stop to chat, ask questions and share tips about their beloved hobby. With roughly 5,000 members, it’s the largest group of its kind on LinkedIn. Apply for membership from the group owner at http://www.LinkedIn.com

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