Youth Programs - Driving The Passion For Classics

The RPM Foundation accelerates the growth of the next generation of automotive restoration and preservation craftsmen through formal training and mentorship.

Founded through the vision and support of Hagerty, the RPM Foundation serves as the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust. Together, these organizations work to secure and preserve America’s automotive heritage.

Since it's establishment in 2004, the RPM Foundation has awarded more than $3 million in funding for student scholarships, internships and apprenticeships and has impacted more than 25,000 people.

The RPM Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that critical skills necessary to preserve and restore collector vehicles are not lost by providing scholarships and educational grants to students and organizations committed to hands-on training of the trades.

We promote interest in collectible vehicles by developing the next generation of enthusiasts and restorers in the following ways:

  • Support the post-secondary education and training of youth in the manual arts.
  • Work to ensure no skill is lost, no master craftsman is without an apprentice and no student is without an opportunity.
  • Fund individual career-focused training in the skills and trades especially important to the future of the collector vehicle community through educational scholarships, internships and apprenticeships.
  • Provide grants to educational institutions and organizations engaged in training and developing skills related to promoting, protecting and preserving collectible vehicles.

For more information, visit the RPM Foundation website.