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How can I get involved with Hagerty's Driving Programs?

These programs are designed to help build the next generation of classic car enthusiasts and keep the collector community strong. Here’s three ways you can get involved with this exciting event and help connect young people with classics:

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The only way to teach participants how to properly drive classic cars is to have classic cars to teach them with! If you have a manual classic, you can help! We encourage local car owners to volunteer to bring their classic to events and help teach the students in a safe, controlled environment.

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Spread the word:

Do you have family or friends who might enjoy this opportunity? Please encourage them to learn more and register for the Hagerty Driving Experience.

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Join us:

This is a fun, exciting event and you're welcome to join us to see it for yourself! We'd love to have you join us to watch from the sidelines or to drive your classic to the event for display only.

To take advantage of any of these opportunities, follow the event registration links to learn more or contact us.