Classic car insurance

Get insurance for your classic Camaro

Hagerty is as passionate about classic Camaros as you are. By insuring through us, you'll enjoy premiums that are up to 41% lower than your daily driver insurance*.

Why insure your Chevy Camaro through Hagerty?

Whether you need to insure a 67 Camaro Convertible, a 69 Camaro SS, or a Camaro Z28, Hagerty has your classic Camaro insurance covered with benefits including:

Guaranteed Value

We'll use our market-leading tools to help you set a fair value for your classic Camaro. In the event of a covered total loss, you will get every cent of your car's insured value**. No depreciation. No hassle.

Expert claims

We make the claims process easy, with representatives available seven days a week and same-day turnarounds on glass claims. Read about our claims process

Knowledgeable support

In the event of a claim that's not a total loss, our parts specialists always goes the extra mile to get you back on the road quickly by hunting down even the rarest stock parts.

Flexible usage

Our policy plans are made for the occasional drive to an event or the ice cream shop. Use your Camaro because cars are meant to be driven***.

No matter the age

Hagerty made its mark providing classic car insurance, but we also cover a wide variety of 1980s and newer collectibles. As long as your Camaro is not your daily driver, we can insure it!

Find a Hagerty insurance broker near you

Want to chat with a broker about insuring your Camaro through Hagerty? Look no further than these popular brokers in your area:

Hagerty exists to save driving

What began as a small niche insurance agency has evolved into an automotive brand focused on the love of cars and driving. We pride ourselves not only on keeping your Camaro protected, but also on keeping you connected to the classic car market and to your fellow Camaro enthusiasts.

Keep tabs on your Camaro's value

Hagerty Valuation Tools includes more than 10 years of pricing for 40,000 enthusiast cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles from the post-war era to present.

Connect with fellow Camaro lovers

Whether you're interested in reading the latest news and stories about Camaros, or chatting with people who love Camaros as much as you do, Hagerty Media has you covered.

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* Figure based upon 2019 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or "everyday") auto insurance carriers.

** Less any deductible or salvage value if retained; MB & SK: and after settlement with your government policy. Includes any applicable taxes unless prohibited by law. AB & QC: Agreed value applies under the Guaranteed Value Plus Endorsement.

*** Occasional pleasure is allowed but use for daily driving to and from work or school, routine shopping, etc. is limited.