1975 Triumph T160 Trident


3-cyl. 740cc/58hp

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$10,000 CAD*

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Value GraphJun 2023
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Elsewhere referred to merely as the Triumph T160, this superbike entered its final year with comprehensive updates, the long-awaited electric start being foremost among them. The 1975 Triumph T160 Trident’s list of upgrades also comprised such items as a 10-inch rear disc brake with underslung caliper, left-side shifter and right-side rear brake pedal to meet regulations in the United States, and a split center-cylinder exhaust manifold feeding twin pipes. The new seat was more sculpted, and the new instrument panel even included a neutral indicator. Chassis and suspension revisions, which included increased frame clearance, led to still-better handling.

Even though the bike now tipped the scales at more than 500 pounds, it was said to have better weight distribution because of the repositioned air-cooled, overhead-valve 741cc three-cylinder engine. As before, the engine put out around 60 horsepower. More beautifully shaped than ever, the slim tank looked handsome in Sunflower Yellow and Ice White for export versions. A 5.25-gallon tank in Cherokee Red and Ice White was also included in Great Britain. The Trident gained even more credibility with yet another production-class win in the Isle of Man TT. One magazine recorded a quarter-mile time of 13.9 seconds at 95.6 mph. Asking price in the United States was a breathtaking $2,870. It had taken six years to get the Triumph T160 Trident right, but many have regarded it as a high point for mass-produced British motorcycles.

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