Vehicle Favorites List

Save your favorite vehicles — either the ones you own or want to own — for quick value lookups. View and analyze historic values and trends, compare favorite vehicles to benchmark financial indices, view a custom trend graph for each vehicle, and more.

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How it works:

Create Your List

Creating your list is quick and easy. Simply click the "Add to Favorites" button while browsing your favorite vehicles or choose "Add Vehicle" from the My Favorites List screen.

Then you can


View List Average

Trend graph allows you to customize for 3-year, 5-year and to-date views, showing the average value history of your favorites.


compare list values

Compare vehicles with one another and customize your view using four different condition ranges (fair, good, excellent and concours).


compare to benchmark financial indices

Use Hagerty’s Market Rating, along with the S&P and the Dow, to compare and analyze your vehicle value versus trends in the collector car and financial markets.

Get started building your vehicle favorites list today.