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What Qualifies for Hagerty Collector Boat Insurance?

Hagerty provides insurance for many different types of boats ranging from wooden boats to classic fiberglass boats. Does your boat qualify?

Fiberglass Boats

We’ll consider most collectible fiberglass boats; runabouts from the ‘50s and ‘60s are of the highest value. Qualifying boats are: 12 years and older // Greater than 18’ in length // Valued at $10,000 or more // Limited to 50 mph.

Wooden Boats

Hagerty proudly insures most classic wooden boats. Whether you own an original Chris-Craft, Century, Gar Wood or a high-quality reproduction of a classic boat, we’ve got you covered. If it’s collectible, made of wood and in good to excellent condition, Hagerty likely insures it.


Runabouts typically range in size from 14’ to 33’ and are characterized by a closed top deck with individual cockpits for seating. Examples include barrel back designs, larger triple cockpits and gentleman’s racers.


Utilities typically range in size from 12’ to 30’ and are characterized by a large open interior with only the top deck forward of the windshield. They are some of the most popular designs, as the open interior lends them to things like waterskiing and fishing.


These vessels range in length from 16’ to 30’. They are an open configuration usually with seating able to accommodate several passengers. The earliest versions were powered by steam with later versions having small single-cylinder gas-powered engines.


Cruisers range from 26’ on up. There are several design types including: Sedan, Aft cabin, Flush deck, Express, Sportfish and others. Cruisers have enclosed cabins that typically allow for an overnight stay. They usually include a head, galley and systems to provide power and store water and waste. Out-of-Water Value and Condition Survey required.


Sailboats range from 12’ open boats to much larger vessels with full cabin facilities. There are several specific design types: Yawl, Gaff rig, Cutter, Catboat, Sloop and many others. Out-of-Water Value and Condition Survey required for sailboats over 26’ with cabin facilities prior to coverage. Club racing is permitted.

Boats Under Restoration

Whether you're restoring the craft yourself or using a professional facility, the Hagerty Port Risk policy assures that you're covered, including for fire, theft or vandalism. You can easily increase the agreed value as your restoration project progresses with a simple phone call. When your restoration is complete, navigation can be added for full in-water operation.