1927 Chrysler Series 70

4dr Custom Sport Phaeton

6-cyl. 218.6cid/68hp 1bbl

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$43,400 CAD*

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Model overview

Model description

Production jumped again for the 1927 Chrysler cars, with 182,195 units leaving the factory. The company remained in seventh place among U.S. manufacturers. Chrysler offered four lines in 1927: the four-cylinder 50 series, six-cylinder 60 and 70 series, and the 80 Imperial series.

The 1927 Chrysler Series I-50 was a shorter, lower model than the previous Model F-58. The 109-inch wheelbase was cut to 106 inches and a new 38-hp, 170.33 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine introduced. Eight models were offered. Five 2-door cars were offered: 2-seat Roadster, 2-4 seat Rumble Seat Roadster, 2-passenger Coupe, 5-passenger Coach, and Leather Trimmed Sedan. Four-door models included a Touring, Sedan, and Landau Sedan with a padded roof.

Every single model was cheaper than the 1926 F-58, ranging $750 for the Roadster, Touring and Coupe to $855 for the Landau Sedan which was less expensive than the base Roadster the year before. Sales remained steady at 82,412 units.

The 1927 Chrysler Series H-60 had been launched in the summer of 1926 and included a new engine – a 54-hp, 180 cubic-inch six-cylinder. Again, eight models were sold, the same lineup as the Series 50 but the Coupe included a rumble seat, and the landau roof treatment was not offered. Prices ranged from $1075 for the Touring to $1295 for the 4-door sedan.

The 1926 Chrysler Series G-70 was carried over to 1927 as the “Finer 70 Series” with the lineup expanded to 12 models powered by a 68-hp 218 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine. There was a 2-seater Coupe and 2/4-seater Rumble Seat Roadster, Coupe, and Cabriolet. A 4-seater Club Coupe was added and the remaining models were 5-passenger 4-door models. They included a Phaeton, Sport Phaeton and Custom Sport Phaeton, a Brougham, a Landau Brougham, a Sedan, and a Crown Sedan. Prices ranged from $1395 for the Phaeton to $1795 for the Crown Sedan. Total series production was 48,254 units.

Chrysler 1927 Imperial Series E-80 lineup expanded to 14 models, plus some custom bodies. The new model was longer at 120-inch and 127-inch wheelbases and lower. The 92-hp, 288 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine featured a high-compression “Red Head.” 2-door models included a 2-passenger Business Coupe, 2/4 passenger Roadster and Sport Roadster, and 4- and 5-passenger Club Coupes.

The 4-door, 5-passenger lineup offered a Phaeton, Sport Phaeton, Sedan, Standard Sedan and Landau Sedan. The 7-passenger buyer could choose from a Phaeton, long-wheelbase Sedan, Limousine, and Town Car. Prices ranged from the Phaeton a $2,495 to the 7-passenger Town Car at $5495.

Custom bodies included coachwork from Dietrich and Locke, which built 21 bizarre long-wheelbase 2-door Touralette 2-door Phaetons on the 127-inch chassis with basketweave on the rear bodywork and a leather-covered integrated trunk. The Locke design was the brainchild of designer John Tjaarda, later famous for the Lincoln-Zephyr, and was offered in 1928 as well.

Chrysler sent an Imperial on a coast-to-coast non-stop run during 1927, from San Francisco to New York and back Los Angeles. It covered 6726 miles at an average of 40.2 mph, a daunting figure considering how much of the West was still unpaved.

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