1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2

2dr Convertible

8-cyl. 455cid/365hp 4bbl

#1 Concours condition#1 Concours
#2 Excellent condition#2 Excellent
#3 Good condition#3 Good

$89,700 CAD*

#4 Fair condition#4 Fair
Value GraphJul 2024
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Model overview

Model description

The year 1970 would prove to be the apex of the muscle car era, with even more powerful models available than in 1969. Oldsmobile’s F-85/Cutlass/4-4-2 series of Sport Coupes and Hardtops dominated the marque’s offerings, which totaled 633,981 for the year, leaving the division in fifth place nationally.

The 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 series was the division’s performance leader. A total of 14,709 2-door Hardtops were sold, along with 1,688 Sports Coupes and 2,922 Convertibles. Base engine was the 365 bhp, 455 cid V-8, now that GM had relaxed its limit of 400 cid in mid-sized cars. The 1969 Hurst/Olds had already used the 455 V-8, but now it was generally available. The 1969 4-4-2 also included buckets seats, front disc brakes, handling package, improved engine, low restriction dual exhaust, decals and stripes.

The top hot-rod package was the W-30 once again, which cost an extra $597 on top of the base $3,376 for the Hardtop. Ram-air induction flowed through a handsome fiberglass hood rather than the grille in a much more elegant version than the 1969 Hurst/Olds arrangement. The 455 V-8 generated 370 bhp, but at higher rpms. A Muncie M22 “Rock Crusher” 4-speed cost another $227, or an M40 Turbo-Hydramatic transmission offered quick shifts at high rpms for the same sum. All floor shifts were made by Hurst.

The 1970 Olds 4-4-2 W-30 produced 0-60 mph times under 6 seconds and a quarter-mile in 14.36 seconds at 100.22 mph. Oldsmobile sold 3,100 W-30 packages in 1970. For the last time, the 325 bhp 350 cid small-block W-31 package was offered and cost $585. It would not pass emissions the next year. A total of 1,372 W-31s were sold in 1970, a mix of Hardtops and Sports Coupes. No convertibles were listed. A W-35 rear spoiler was available separately for $73.

One more highlight in Oldsmobile’s most flamboyant year was the Indy 500 Pace Car package, as the company paced the Brickyard field on Memorial Day. The Y74 Indy 500 package was divided between 358 Convertibles and 268 Hardtops. Al Unser won the actual race and was given a convertible.

Options for 4-4-2s included power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, power seats, power windows, super stock wheels, power door locks, AM/FM stereo, cruise control, tilt steering, tinted glass, Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission, 3-speed floor shift manual, and 4-speed manual (close-ratio optional).


Additional Info
Vehicle Length: 203.2 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 112 in
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