Marine Surveys

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Hagerty has had extensive contacts with marine surveyors throughout the years. If we ask you to provide a marine survey, we hope you will find the following information helpful.

  • You should obtain a full out-of-water value and condition survey. This will give current market and replacement values for the boat, as well as detailed descriptions of the construction and condition of the hull, and the boat's major systems (electrical, fuel, machinery, etc.).
  • The survey should state clearly that the surveyor inspected the boat for compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), and Coast Guard standards.
  • A few surveyors offer abbreviated one-page opinions that are often termed an “insurance survey.” This brief format will usually be rejected, as it omits details that are necessary for underwriting.
  • Hagerty generally will not accept a survey done by a person directly associated with boatyards, marinas or yacht brokers due to the potential for conflict of interest.
  • In most cases, surveys done by insurance company personnel will not be accepted due to the brevity and lack of detail of these reports.

Find a marine surveyor in your area

National Association of Marine Surveyors Inc. (NAMS)


Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors Inc. (SAMS)


Association of Certified Marine Surveyors


If you've had a survey completed within the last year, you may send us a copy even if the surveyor doesn't appear on the lists above. If you have obtained a resume of the surveyor's background and qualifications, please include it along with any available business references. The survey will be submitted to one of our underwriters for approval, and you'll be contacted promptly with the results.

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