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Insurance for modified cars

Get custom car insurance for your kit car, replica, or street rod.

A man driving a black, modified collector vehicle.

The degree to which your vehicle is modified and the types of modifications determine whether it fits our program.

What classifies as a modified vehicle?

Characteristics of modified vehicles include:

  • Significant performance increases
  • Structural alterations to body/chassis/frame
  • Custom paint job worth $10,000 or more

A close-up of a yellow collector vehicle with a green custom paint job.
Custom paint job
A modified red collector vehicle
Vehicle modification
A red and white collector vehicle with an enhanced engine.
Engine enhancement

Insuring kit cars and replicas

Replicas or reproductions should duplicate vehicles that are no longer in production, such as the 1950s Porsche Speedster and the 1920s Mercedes Benz Roadster. The quality of construction for these vehicles can vary significantly, so we take a close look prior to offering insurance. Hagerty does not offer insurance for inexpensive, home-built kit cars.

A replica of a 1980 Shay Model A, with trees in the background.
1980 Shay Model A
A replica of a cream 1955 Porsche Speedster, with other vehicles in the background.
1955 Porsche Speedster
A replica of a white 2003 Auburn Speedster, parked in front of a fence.
2003 Auburn Speedster
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